Is a Single Page App template using the finest, leanest, cleanest OSS parts $0 money could buy :)

  • Twitters Bootstrap - For Website design template, css, widgets
  • ServiceStack - .NET REST Web Services Framework
    • MVC PowerPack - Enhance MVC with clean Session, Caching, Logging, IOC & JSON libs
    • Bundler - node.js, CoffeeScript, Less, Sass, JS and website bundling + minification features
  • ASP.NET MVC3 - ASP.NET MVC Web Framework
  • Backbone.js - A lightweight MVC structure ideal for building Single Page Apps
  • Underscore.js - A functional utility toolbelt required by Backbone
  • jQuery - The ubiquitos JS library for providing a pleasant and smooth API around DOM quirks

Designed to impress

Single page apps currently provide the best online end-user experiences available where most of the well known Internet properties from Google, Facebook and Twitter all taking maximum advantage of the capabilities modern browsers have to offer.

The major differentiator they have over normal websites is maintaining instant response times by avoiding full-page reloads by only sending delta page updates with JSON services or partial HTML downloads behind a solid caching strategy.

As Speed is the most important feature in today's websites, this template includes only the fastest components with best-practices advanced minification and bundling techniques built-in - essential in deliverying the fastest response times to your users.

Powered by ServiceStack

No 3rd party .dlls were used in the making of this template :)

The ServiceStack project dlls includes all the necessary libraries to build high-performance website and web services allowing you to authenticate and register with Facebook and Twitter as well as your own internally-hosted Registration and Authentication services and repositories, Caching, Session, Logging, InMemory, Redis and OrmLite RDBMS providers - with SqlServer bundled (Sqlite, MySQL and PostgreSQL adapters available) as well as super fast JSON, JSV and CSV text serializers.

No client-side caching

To better demonstrate the performance of the ServiceStack webservice framework and serializers, no client-side caching (e.g. in JS or localStorage) is used, i.e. Every click makes a round-trip HTTP + JSON network call.

Handpicked choice external components inside

Also embedded inside ServiceStack .dlls are best-of-breed, high-performance and easy to use 3rd party parts surrounded with rich, deep integration in ServiceStack so it works fluidly with existing conventions:


This template also demonstrates the different Authentication modes in ServiceStack where you can mix and match different Auth Providers that you want to enable for your website as well as different caching and RDBMS persistence back-ends you want to store the User Authenticated data in.

Below is a high-level overview of this:

Auth Overview

For more information see: Authentication and authorization in ServiceStack

Rest web service framework

The lifeline behind most Single Page Apps is JSON services and ServiceStack provides the ideal platform to build these services with its succinct idiomatic C# typed API that works out-of-the-box that is equipped with the fastest JSON Serializer available for .NET.

As a bonus, it works with no config or code-gen, ServieStack's design allows each of your services to also be available on XML, JSV, HTML, CSV and SOAP endpoints. The included AuthorService provides a glimpse of the functionality ServiceStack can provide for a single class.

Once you've created some web services, the best way to explore your API is via the metadata pages at: /api/metadata

The Future and Beyond

The next hottest thing to conquer once you've mastered your Single Page App is to expand into Mobile and Rich client apps and ServiceStack has you covered allowing you to re-use your existing services with generic, typed C# ServiceClients providing an end-to-end typed API for .NET, Silverlight and MonoTouch applications.

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